I am assisting Herbert Jaeger in his courses “Neural Networks for AI” (B.Sc. in AI) and “Machine Learning” (M.Sc. in AI), see here.


  • Gregory Schweickert: “Evolutionary optimization of activation functions in deep heterogeneous networks” (B.Sc. in AI), March 2022.
  • Yara Schattschneider: “Solving the Credit Assignment Problem in Spiking Neural Networks for Gesture Recognition” (B.Sc. in AI), August 2022.
  • Daniel Woonings (co-supervised with Guillaume Pourcel): On Conceptor Control in Continuous Time (B.Sc. in AI). September 2022.
  • Satchit Chatterij (co-supervised with Guillaume Pourcel): Cut the Carp! Using Context to Disambiguate Similar Signals Using Conceptors (B.Sc. in AI). August 2022.

  • Ryan O’Loughlin (co-supervised with Guillaume Pourcel, Thomas Tiotto, Marleen Schippers): Learning Rules and Topologies for Liquid State Machines - A Survey in Terms of Performance and Representation Dynamics for Abstract, Image, and Speech Recognition (M.Sc. in AI). September 2022.