PhD student at the University of Groningen

I am interested in interdisciplinary research in and around computer science and artificial intelligence: unconventional nature-inspired computing, understanding the human mind, and building wider artificial intelligence.

Currently, I am working as a PhD student on non-digital computing theory in the MINDS research group and I am part of the EU's Post-Digital research network. In my PhD, I am developing concepts and methods for programming unconventional computers, in particular analog spiking neuromorphic hardware.

In my free time I am a hobby photographer, like to read, travel, and go to music and art events.

Bachelor projects at RUG   I am available to supervise bachelor projects (theses) at RUG in fall semester 2021 and spring semester 2022. If you are interested in working on a project related to neural networks, machine learning, or neuromorphic computing (spiking neural networks), please send me an e-mail for more details.
I would be particularly interested in supervising a project in automated machine learning (e.g. investigating/extending algorithms that simultaneously learn a neural network's architecture and weights), or automated programming (e.g. investigating the value and impact of recent progress by OpenAI and related work). You can also take a look at our group's website (MINDS) for more information on the kind of research we do, and this page for more information on doing a bachelor project at MINDS.

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